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Pachacamac - The sacred Citadel , Peruvian Paso Horseshow

Tour Pachacamac

Around 06 hrs

Departure : 09.00 am
(Pachacamac is closed for visitors on Mondays)



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Tour starts with a guided ride through the bohemian neighborhood of Barranco, passing through its main avenues, visiting the famous Bridge of he Sighs, and enjoying a beautiful sightseeing of the Lima Bay, continuing to the south, passing through the swamps of Villa (Ecological Reserve), arriving through the Pan-American Highway to the Great Religious Complex of Pachacamac, located in the Lurín Valley, 35 kms of Lima.


Was the main Ceremonial Center of the Peruvian coast and the oracle of the God Pachacamac (the creator of the world). There you will see ruins of pre-Inca and Inca temples and palaces.

During the tour there is a visit to the site museum, where ceramics and textiles, as well as a copy of the Idol made out of wood can be seen, visiting after the archaeological sanctuary, place that was used by the ancient pilgrims of Peru, and see its main buildings; the Main Palace, the Tauli Chumbi Palace, the Temple of Pachacamac, the Painted Temple, the Temple of the Sun and the Accllahuasi or Temple of the Virgins among others.


Finishing the tour in the Citadel, transfer to a private Hacienda to enjoy a Peruvian Paso Horse show, and also a ride on the smoothest horse in the world and have a delicious lunch.

There is also an alternative for lunch, which is in a Restaurant nearby the Citadel, where also, during lunch passengers con enjoy a beautiful Peruvian dance show and after see the Peruvian Paso Horse show.

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Peruvian Paso Horse show.



Mineral Water

Guide and permanent assistance.