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Palomino Islands

Islas Palomino

Around 06 horas

Departure: 09.00 am

Service: PRIVATE transfer to pier

Service: Yatch Non private for around 25 passengers

Palomino Islands
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Pick-up at hotel around 09.00 hrs and transfers to the pier in El Callao to take the yatch, that departs between 10.00 and 11.00 hrs and start the tour around the Callao Archipelago of Callao that takes passenger around 4 different islands.

San Lorenzo

Where in 1906 Max Uhle, a German archaeologist, found between others, human remains and more than 400 ceramics of the Moche and Chimu Cultures, as well as one of the biggest polychrome textile of Peru.

During the Colonial time, the name was changed to San Lorenzo and was used as trench for pirates and corsairs.Today it is used by the Navy and air force of Peru as training center, storage and communications center among others.

El Frontón

Known as the Island of Death, because many people died when they get out of water and food during the required quarantine because of the plagues during the Colonial time.

It got more importance during the Repubican time when it was used as a main prison. Today it is abandoned.


The last Guano Center in front of El Callao, where there is a small old pier dated XIX Century (1945).

Today, it is the retreat for hundreds of guano birds, used by them as a place of rest and nesting.


Habitat of a colony of more than 5,000 sea lions. Many years ago it was also used as a Guano Islands, activity that stopped due to the diminish of the guano birds in XIX Century and caused that the sea lions took the island and started to reproduce more and more making the colony of lions each time bigger.

What is included in the rate?

Private Transportation

Yatch ticket (not private)


Pier entry fee

icon swim

For those that want to swim with lions, it is required to know swimming.

Guide and permanent assistance.

¿Qué No Incluye en la tarifa?

Alcoholic drinks and tips.